O/OREOS Mission Dashboard


Mission Time


Mission Phase

- Pre-Launch
 5:25 PST 11/19/10 - Launch
- Acquisition
- Stabilization
- Experiment
 L + 6 months - Experiment Data D/L
 L + 12 months - Engineering Analyses
- Education Exp
 L + ~ 22 years - De-orbit

Satellite Status

SESLO Status Recording
SESLO Temp 25.49 C
SEVO Status Recording
SEVO Temp 22.14 C
S-Band Downlink Operational
Beacon 437.302 MHz OFF
External Can Temp 21.2 C
Battery Voltage 7.94 V
Bus Voltage 3.31 V

Ground Segment Status

 Control Nodes
SCU Ops Center Primary
CREST Ops Center
 S-Band Stations
SCU-A Operational
 Amateur Stations 
SCU-OSCAR Operational
SCU-AutoReceive Operational
SLU-AutoReceive Operational
PA-AutoReceive Operational
  Latest Orbit Estimate (object number 37224)
  1 37224U 10062C   11076.42207246 +.00000868 +00000-0 +13086-3 001095
  2 37224 071.9712 241.3960 0017800 096.5373 263.7815 14.76929834017329 


Satellite Temperature
Satellite Currents
Beacon Packets
# packets submitted: 82,098
# countries received: 22

Mission Links

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Beacon Packet Submissions 
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O/OREOS Beacon Audio


Video Streams

YouTube Launch Video
Mission control videolink

Featured Photos

Ops team member Laura Bica conducts an outreach event in Mission Control [Rasay]
PA3GUO (Henk) visits the SCU Mission Control Center during a visit to the US [Neumann]


On-orbit mission control for the O/OREOS mission is being provided by the students, staff and faculty of Santa Clara University's Robotics Systems Laboratory.

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